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Sir Bentley Thompson
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Friday, 20 May 2011

An apology - me is so sorry!!!

Mummy's a tad cross with me today!!! me soooooo sorry mummy... xx
Every morning the boy has to go to human been school (from what me hear it's not as nice as puppy school - no treats, balls or cuddles whatsoever!!)
There's a doggy that live near park on way to the boy's school, sometimes mummy let me sniffle it through the gate and me get really excited.  Today though me not see the doggy... but me definitely hear it - howlin and yowlin and whinin - it was so noisy and wonderful.  Me got all bouncy, me pull hard on lead to go see where it was... could not find it though, it probably hidin behind big fence - little trickster!!!
We crossed into park where me normally get all happy at grass and smells and stuff, but today me only keep thinking where's that noisy doggy?? -  Mummy say "sit... wait... go play..." and undo lead... did me sniffle and roll and jump and play running with the boy?? - NO!!!!!!  me was BAD :o(
Me run straight for doggy noise and jump excitedly at fence instead.  Mummy came after and look big angry face at me, but she not yell or shout, she done lead on me again and say "Bentley, you musn't run across the road, DANGEROUS!!" - me not really understand, me think she cross about the road thingy and not about doggy noises... road not dangerous... all the cars stopped for me with funny screechy sounds, so me was safe!!!
Me had no 'go play' after that and mummy say me have to work harder on my recall and me have to learn to drop instantly when called.  Me not know what instantly is and what if me cannot drop it...??
So... me very sorry mummy and the boy xxx me really scared you and me is so sorry - me will try harder to listen, learn and ignore noises from other dogs, but pleeeease can me 'go play' off lead now?? xxx

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