Sir Bentley Thompson

Sir Bentley Thompson
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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Today me met a cat... DO NOT TRUST CATS!!!

After mummy and me walked the boy to school today, we had the bestest play in the park with lots of yummy treats and cuddles - GOOD TIMES!!!  It did not last!!!
One of them furry cat thingys was sat on the path and it just looked straight at me and it did not move... me went all yeeeeyy... cat!! and mummy chuckled (suspiciously!!??!!) and me heard her say "Seriously?? Alfie?? Good luck BB" - So me jumped all with happiness and went to sniffle it... BAD TIMES!!!
That mad cat went got all insane and jitterbug on me... it hissed... it spat... it dived at me... then it had claws on me!!! - me not sad to say me hid behind mummy... me not completely stupid!!!
The moral of this story is, DO NOT TRUST CATS!!! spiteful, mean things they be, all fur and spitty stuff... UGH!!! (and also do not trust them human beens either, me is pretty sure my mummy known more than she say... mmm... will keep my eye on her!!!.)

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